You want balls ? I’ll give you balls . You want results ? Well here they are ___

You want balls ? I’ll give you balls . You want results ? Well here they are ___

So history was made history this past weekend on the PGA Tour as Jordan Spieth placed a href=””> placed his name in the annals of golfing history with a wire-to-wire win of the —– first —— Major of the —— season , winning The Masters . Spieth’s seventy-two-hole score of 270 , at eighteen under par . As a twenty-one year old , he was the second youngest winner of the tournament, with the feat only having been surpassed by Tiger Woods .

Now as the game looks for a new rivalry and someone the fans can really be drawn to. It would appear that Speith meets all of the criteria sought by the PGA hierarchy as well as the USGA and the R& A .

With Tiger Woods’ game fading , clearly seen by everyone who has any semblance of comprehension of the sports , the former world number one golfer has lost his mojo both on and off the golf course. Rory McIlroy has now supplanted Woods atop of the world rankings and Speith’s own rapid ascent will now likely seem him being ranked among the top-five and creating the sought-rivalry now needed within the game.


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Phil Mickelson , as gallant as his effort was at Augusta National , in the last round , you simply had the feeling , he was one care-free shot away from blowing his assault on trying to overtake Speith for the lead , and Justin Rose was simply no match for the eventual winner, when his game needed to taken up a notch at the most crucial of moments.


Clockwise, left to right. , Justin Rose , Tiger Woods , Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth . Spieth won his Grand Slam tournament , taking command of the 2015 US Masters , winning by four strokes with eighteen under par score of 270. Spieth became the second youngest winner of The Masters , joining Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only players to have won the tournament under the age of twenty-five. AP Photo/ Lauren Moore

Jordan Spieth, having won his first Grand Slam tournament and Major , walked away with the Green Jacket , signifying his win and now the whole world at his feet . There will likely be a number of major corporate endorsers looking to align themselves with the game’s newest star, as they view him as the new name to hit the game with an impact. His resume’ is already impressive , considering his PGA Tour career is less than three years old. The likelihood of a rivalry being created between Jordan Speith and Rory McIlroy is something that golf needs and longed for , in terms of really attracting fans to the game.

Tiger Woods still remains a draw on the circuit (PGA) , but unless he’s in the hunt for a victory, which of late, it has been a hard slog, something last achieved over four years ago. It would not be out of order, to suggest Woods’ decline is one and something of his own making, rather than this idiocy held by many, who somehow try and suggest he is still a force to be reckoned with. Woods was never in serious contention to win a fifth Green Jacket, much less, the fifteenth Grand Slam Tournament of his career. So the question now becomes, hat is next for Tiger Woods and will he ever win another Major (Grand Slam Tournament)? Woods’ mental psyche is completely askew, much like his game, where he lacks the confidence to make things happen.

Eighty-one games into an arduous NBA schedule , with one game to play by the majority of the teams in the league. The season has been pretty much one of do’s and don’t. The don’ts are ___ continue to laugh at the New York Knicks and their obnoxious fans as well as the over-sized ego of Phil Jackson , his entourage of idiots and those within the front office of the organization. As to the merits of Derek Fisher and his first season as a rookie head coach . Well, let’s just say it has been an unequivocal bust , must like the transparency of the Triangle Offense and the fact , it was something that could not be taught to the players on the Knicks’ roster , whose collective IQ’s might be lower than Paris Hilton’s and Jessica Simpson’s combined . Chicken of the sea ? More like chicken s#it , served up on a platter by the Knicks all season long , leading to the worst record in the entire NBA and not much of an answer from their anal retentive fans or from the idiots espousing Jackson’s greatness but who seem to forget , the former NBA coach . has no real acumen when it comes to assessing NBA talent. Yet when I try and bring this up with his supporters , the best they can actually come up with ___ he has eleven NBA titles as an NBA coach . All well and good , but Jackson has not and cannot walk on water , neither can he turn blood into wine or turn chicken sh#t into foie-gras. Can you idiots , for once, get a frigging clue and at least show some goddamn intelligence ?


A dismayed Dwyane Wade (3) looks up at the scoreboard during a game as the Miami Heat suffers another regular season loss during under-achieving season for the Easter Conference based franchise. A year removed from an appearance in the NBA Finals the Heat are on the brink of missing the NBA Playoffs for 2015. AP Photo / Roy Walsh

The Knicks are 3-9 in their last twelve games of the 14th April, though not among the worst in the NBA over the time-span in question , but nowhere near the best . As evidenced by the records of the other franchises in the NBA with a better record and mark overall . Before their recent run of two straight victories , the last win for the New York Knicks came by way of a victory over the equally abysmal Philadelphia 76ers on the 5th April . Next up for the Eastern based franchise will be game against the Detroit Pistons . The home based franchise will be looking to avoid their sixty-fifth loss of the season . Nothing else needs to be said beyond the facts just stated.

As last season’s losing NBA Finalists the Miami Heat will find themselves in the none too unique position of having missed out on a postseason berth , one year removed from last year’s catastrophe where just about everyone believed that the LeBron James’ led Heat would be strolling their way to a third consecutive title. Instead, what we all witnessed was a self-absorbed group of individuals coached by Erik Spoelstra as a team , simply came apart at the seams, as their opponents the San Antonio Spurs not only rose to the occasion , but completely eviscerated Miami on their way to their own piece of history as Gregg Popovich joined a select group of NBA coaches with more than three titles to their name.

If you thought now would be the time to perhaps written off the reigning champions , then you would be sadly mistaken, as the Spurs have hit their stride , just as we are about to begin the start of the postseason .

In the Western Conference , the talk may well have been about the exploits of the Golden State Warriors , Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies. Yet, it would be a foolhardy individual, who would seek to discount San Antonio , viewing them as a lamb being led to the slaughter. This will be in fact the Spurs’ record-breaking seventeenth consecutive postseason appearance

, with the franchise seeking their sixth title in that time-span. When there is talk, about sports’ dynasties, and specifically the dynasties of the NBA. San Antonio is rarely mentioned as one of the elite franchises in NBA history, let alone considered to be one of the more glamorous of the NBA’s elite and most successful teams. Which begs the question , what else needs to done for them to be considered worthy of more recognition , other than to be considered five-time NBA champions ?

The Spurs’ final game of the regular season , will pit them against the New Orleans Pelicans led by their All Star power forward Anthony Davis , who now seems to be out of consideration for this season’s League MVP Award . That particular race seems to be down to a three-man sprint to the finish line, as Steph Curry , James Harden and Russell Westbrook make their last bold attempts to sway the minds of the voters.

My own feelings are that Curry will be the successor to last season’s popular winner Kevin Durant , albeit , Westbrook still has a legitimate chance to capture the award for the Oklahoma City Thunder as a back-to-back winners of this prestigious accolade and the league’s highest regular season individual honor .

Finally there seems to be some common sense prevailing , where an (professional sports’ franchise) owner seems to be willing to make a stance rather than being dictated to by an outside observer. If the rumors are to be believed , then Los Angeles Angels’ owner Arte Moreno is seriously considering , tossing Josh Hamilton unto the scrap heap, rather than have the player back on the Angels’ active roster .

Currently Hamilton is on the DL , after a stint in rehab, with his admitted use of alcohol and cocaine. In light of a recent decision of an arbitrator to uphold his reinstatement , rather than his having to serve a league mandated s suspension . Moreno must feel the adverse publicity and Hamilton’s lack of candor remains a questionable mark, as to his character, honesty and above all integrity. Never mind, the fact of the monies vested in the player, his multi-million dollar contract remains one of the largest in Angels’ history and among the biggest in the game.

If baseball (MLB) cannot get its own house in order after the rather asinine claims of Bud Selig , as to MLB having the strictest drug and PED testing protocols in all of professional sports. My question for the former Commissioner and his successor Rob Manfred . Why has there been such leniency concerning the likes of Ryan Braun , Alex Rodriguez and Josh Hamilton ? Slaps on the wrist, simply treating the players who flout the rules ,as if they are children in kindergarten, indicates to me, the league hierarchy is no further along in stamping out ‘steroid cheats ‘ and other types of offenders , than the US war on illicit drugs and its rather asinine foreign policy , globally, and specifically with regard to the Middle East . If the US feels Iranremains its biggest threat in the region . Then the country might as well be kissing its own @ss and rejoicing as to its ongoing stupidity , when the dangers of Qatar , Yemen , Saudi Arabia and Egypt are equally as threatening.


Carole Moreno , wife of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim owner Arte Moreno , Josh Hamilton (32) of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and wife Katie Hamilton pose for a group photo during the press conference introducing Hamilton as the team’s newest player at ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney on December 15 , 2012 in Anaheim, California. : Victor Decolongon/Getty Images North America

The Angels have gotten off to an inauspicious start , ringing out three wins from their first seven games , placing them third in the AL West behind early divisional leaders the Oakland Athletics (4-4) . It is a division which is likely to among the most competitive in all of baseball , and likely to be far more exhilarating than anything to be offered up in the AL East.

Josh Hamilton’s productivity with the Angels has been average at best and nowhere near the expectations sought by GM Jerry Dipoto or the managerial staff headed by Mike Scioscia . Clearly , any decision now made by front office will have some far-reaching and serious ramifications for the game of baseball. Yet a stance has to be made , rather than the frailty shown by the league and the overwhelming position of strength the union (MLBPA) continues to exert over league hierarchy without itself coming up with a satisfactory solution for one of the biggest long-term threats to the popularity and viability of Major League Baseball. Dwindling television viewership and a constant struggle for a number of mid to small-market teams to fill their stadiums and you don’t have to wonder why the game still has a litany of issues to deal with . Baseball is bereft of intelligence at all levels of its structure , right down to the managers and the players themselves. Hypocrisy remains supreme along with the ongoing abject apathy of the fans who remain clueless and might I even suggest a little idiotic ?

Tuesday’s scheduled games provides the fans with a bevvy of contests which should prove to be entertaining. Topping the list might well be the match-up of the Los Angeles Angels facing the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, where the the opposing pitchers will be Drew Rucinski of the Angels against Nick Martinez of the Rangers.

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell , two years removed from the franchise’s last win of the World Series will be seeking to get the ball-club back on track this season. GM Ben Cherington has restocked the roster with the additions of Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez will be a boost to the team and their offense. Competing in a division where the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles , Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays are seen as the main obstacles for Boston Red Sox’s return to divisional supremacy within the AL East .

In the lead-up to the NFL Draft , a great deal is still being made as to what decision will be made by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the undoubted choice to be made between picking either Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston as the number one overall draft pick for the 2015 NFL Draft. The two players are seen as the best collegiate quarterbacks available in this particular draft class. For the Buccaneers after the undoubted failures of Josh McCown and Mike Glennon , there is no doubt in my mind the Buccaneers are in need of an efficient passer .


The clock is ticking for Buccaneers’ head coach Lovie Smith (pictured) , with the franchise having the number one overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. All signs seem to be pointing to the fact the choice has to be , the taking of one of the top-two quarterbacks in this particular draft class . Topping the list are Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston . Tampa Bay Times / Michael Jones

GM Jason Licht and Lovie Smith in the lead-up to the draft, are under a great deal of pressure to make the right decision , rather than making a choice if deemed to be a failure , will place the Buccaneers’ franchise in a situation, setting the NFC South organization in an untenable position. This team needs a player ready to play now rather than holding a clipboard on the sidelines , still learning the nuances of the NFL game. A 2-14 record signaled the mediocrity seen throughout the NFL last season. The postseason proved to be exhilarating , with a fitting end , as the New England Patriots overcame the Seattle Seahawks on their way to their fourth Superbowl title in the past fourteen years .

I do not profess to know all of the vagaries of the event that now tends to turn every avid NFL fan into profound experts concerning the NFL Draft, but what I do know and it is, the event can prove to be a major surprise, because of the moves made ! Year in and year out , we have seen this happen and even the experts themselves seem to be at a loss to explain their own misreadings and what they believe to be their insightful analysis being provided to the fans and viewing audiences alike.

Former NFL player and now ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski might not have not gone on record with his belief the Buccaneers are leaning towards taking Marcus Mariota as the first overall pick , with Jaworski suggesting the decision has been all but rubber-stamped by the coaching staff , Licht and head coach Lovie Smith. As I alluded to before , the wrong choice sets the franchise back several years , and the right choice might not equate to immediate success, with their still being several needs to be met for the roster , if the franchise is to succeed long-term . With the event less just over a week away , it will be interesting to see what transpires on the day for all of the league’s thirty-two teams .

This off-season the Saints’ front office made some bold moves , jettisoning tight-end Jimmy Graham and others , as the franchise reevaluates its roster and seeks out a clear direction as to where they believe they need to be. Brees for his part remains diplomatic concerning the maneuvers made, but there can be no denying the blame for the Saints’ woes last season comes from the fact the team was ill-disciplined and lacked leadership on all fronts, from the front office on down , to the coaching staff and the players themselves.

Away from the franchise’s on-field issues, there now seems to be trouble brewing ahead as team owner Tom Benson and members of his family get tied up within the judicial system , fighting over his competency to run and own both the Saints and the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans . This is often the sort of drama played out on television , in one of those prime-time eighties’ television soap dramas. There is a villain , a good-guy hero , patriarch , sibling rivalry and no doubt a dark Machiavellian character in the background looking to manipulate all of the unfolding drama. Sorry folks, but Roger Goodell is not intelligent enough to portray the character in question . Come on now , Goodell’s bark is worst than his bite and we all know that to be true. I doubt the commissioner is completely aware or possesses the acumen to understand the complexity of the issues likely to be discussed and the ramifications for the Saints’ franchise. Roger Goodell has spent more time creating his own fires and firestorms, than providing any positive signs that the NFL is heading in the right direction on a litany of issues social or otherwise.

Where the New Orleans Saints now go from here, will not only be predicated upon the NFL Draft but also their likely acquisitions, but above all the play of their veteran quarterback Drew Brees as he enters his fourteenth season in the NFL .



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The sports’ news cycle remains one, where the fan yearns for the latest tidbit foisted upon them from the various sources within the media mainstream , but at the end of the day what we choose to believe or digest as fact , remains our choice alone. Over the course of the past few days which sports’ event has caught you r undivided attention ? Also , with the upcoming NBA Playoffs and NFL Draft about to come into focus , do you believe these two events have been or will be over-hyped ? Chime in with your thoughts as you see fit on this article and anything else you believe relevant to the points raised concerning the subject matter .



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10 Responses to You want balls ? I’ll give you balls . You want results ? Well here they are ___

  1. Jordan Spieth wins The Masters handsomely. Can we now agree Tiger Woods’ time has now come and gone , because even during this event, his game still wasn’t up to standard .

    Woods is now so far off the radar it is and will remain a complete joke . He’s not deserving of spot on the US Ryder Cup Team at all .

    Eighty two games played in the NBA and here”s what we now do know . Admirers of Phil Jackson will drink both urine and lemonade and still try come up with an explanation that both taste the same . Not a lack of intelligence but the simple fact, they know nothing at all about the NBA other than what they have read , rather than what they have witnessed on an NBA basketball court this season. You just cannot make up this type of bull$hit . when it comes to the New York Knicks, but their dumb @ss fans and the @ss kissing morons who’d willingly drink Phil Jackson’s pi$s are not willing to be critical of his acumen as a front office executive .

    Jackson at his best couldn’t spot talent if he were handed the blue print for it all.

    Still early days yet in MLB , but you can see who some of the bad teams really are right about now .

    Josh Hamilton hasn’t done anything of note for the Los Angeles Angels over the past two years. In fact the last time Hamilton did anything of major significance on a baseball diamond , might well have been when both he and former Texas Rangers’ manager Ron Washington snorted a line of ” coke” before a game which the Rangers might well have lost .

    Lovie Smith’s decision making might well come down to this ? Will Smith be actually feeling the pair of balls that both Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston have between their legs to see if hey can play , rather than basing his assessment upon their collegiate careers ? ” Marcus throw me a tight spiral but first let me feel your di#k and your balls ” .

    ” GM Jason Licht and I cannot come to an agreement as to who should first place their lips on Marcus’ butt , to blow and suck ” .

    Premature ejaculation , have your wash cloth ready, Lovie .

    The Buccaneers’ draft classes over the past six season have not been impressive . Hell Cadillac Williams has retired and but for his first NFL season in the league, he barely achieved done anything of note . Yet , here were fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers carrying on as if he were the ” second coming” of Emmitt Smith . Buccaneers’ fans are nowhere near as intelligent as they believe themselves to be . In fact their combined intelligence quotient (IQ) subtracting Rick Scott and Pam Bondi’s . From there you would have a hard time convincing me they had more brains than a first grader .

    Carnell Cadillac Williams . Drives and runs like a Cadillac ? Fu#k no , more like a Dodge Pinto with four flat tires .



    Lovie’s playbook for this season won’t resemble anything like this that’s for sure . Or perhaps I might be wrong ? .

    I can guarantee this also , even with the NFL’s Blackout Rules having been lifted the Buccaneers will be lucky to sellout their home games in 2015 . They remain one of the worst supported teams in the entire NFL .

    NBA news

    NBA results 14th July ,2015

    Last six games played in the NBA . Why would anyone be surprised by the New York Knicks’ continued mediocrity over that time span ?



  2. Bobby Gee says:

    Tiger is washed up. The NBA is a joke. KC is off to a great start 7-1. The Royals are getting better. a very hot start. The Tigers are playing great too.


  3. bobby

    Tiger Woods is a complete mess both on and off the golf field and bear in mind he has not won a tournament in almost four years and his last Grand Slam Major victory was more than five years ago. So at this juncture you really have to wonder what he has left in the tank ?

    You’re right about the NBA , and for that you simply have to look at the play of the Los Angeles Lakers , New York Knicks , Minnesota Timberwolves and Philadelphia 76ers to see how bad these teams really are . Never mind the fact the coaching , has been simply abysmal with astuteness of the general managers having come into question, concerning many of their decisions both this and last season .

    As good a start as the Detroit Tigers have . They will have simply melted like buttercoming coming off a hot knife during baseball’s postseason and that has been especially true in each of their most recent postseason appearance including being demolished in a very lopsided World Series , in their last appearance . Losing pitcher Max Scherzer to the Washington Nationals will come back to haunt GM Dave Dombrowski and team owner , Mike Ilitch .

    PGA Tour news

    MLB news

    NBA news

    NBA results 15th October

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)

    NBA Playoffs (postseason schedule)

    Tophatal ………………….


  4. So this is how the season ended in the NBA ? Whoa is me !

    I mean Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks’ fans are still besides themselves as to the ineptitude shown by their teams. What the fu#k gave them the impression that either franchise was that great to begin with at the start of the season ?


  5. The Detroit Tigers are off to a fast start this season and Adrian Gonzalez has been hitting all corners of the field in baseball , but it’s still early days yet and just about anything can happen in the first month of the schedule .

    Tophatal ……..


  6. Just two comments Al;
    I think that Jordan Spieth has, and will continue to prove to be a tremendous asset and ambassador to the game. At just 21, the budding star is both poised and professional and one that hopefully will bring a new generation of young talent into the fold.
    As for the Knicks being obnoxious, agreed that they have a chip on their shoulder but that comes partially from entering their 42nd year since they last won a championship. They are rough on their players, especially with this latest bunch of talentless and inept individuals. Not the fans fault that James Dolan and Isaih Thomas have driven this franchise right into the ground. Cut them some slack Al. All they are seeking is a competitive group of athletes who, at some point , will make them relevant once again.


  7. Hank /fantasy furnace

    Spieth’s rapid ascent up the world golf rankings has been nothing short of spectacular and he’s by far the most exciting thing to happen to the sport in North America by way of his being American player since Tiger Woods’ arrival on the PGA Tour in 1996 . Woods for his part , his game is on the decline and he no longer has the mental or physical traits to put together four rounds of consistent high-caliber play in a Grand Slam tournament . I personally don’t believe he will win another Major over the next three years !

    Let me pose this question concerning the New York Knicks . What is it that you believe where they should be given a pass , merely because they haven’t got the players to get the job done ? There remains this continued idiocy among their fans and fans en-masse that Phil Jackson has a plan in place ? I mean if the hiring of Derek Fisher was part of the plan , then from the start it has been an unmitigated fu#king disaster alongside the rest of the coaching staff hires . Kurt Rambis has no proven track record as a coach and he was merely a third-tier role player on the Lakers’ teams that won titles during his playing career.

    The apathy among sports’ fans in this country and their not being able to show intelligence , much less be critical of an organization indicates an overall lack of intelligence altogether . Phil Jackson is an egotistical moron and James Dolan remains a clueless @ss . Jackson had the chance to hire Steve Kerr before the start of this season and chose not to for some reason.

    As a playing staff the Knicks woefully inept in just about every facet of the game. They cannot win at home or on the road , much less within their conference or division . This year for the franchise was an unmitigated disaster and there have been no indicators to show that this upcoming season is likely to get any better .

    Isiah Thomas on a clear day could not tell his @ss from his elbow and Phil Jackson is simply relying on his reputation and not much else to be given something of a pass by apathetic and clueless fans . They seem to forget , it wasn’t Jackson who assembled the playing staff that led to the championships with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers . I seriously doubt the anal retentive fans can actually name general managers in question responsible for that to begin with !

    Here’s something that might clue you in as to the mediocrity of the Knicks rather than your empathizing with their sorry @sses . Over their last eleven games of the regular season they were among the worst teams in the NBA . How’s that for a fact to dissect and to take a look at ?


  8. Hank

    You suggest I should cut the New York Knicks some slack ? How about the front office cutting their long-suffering fans some slack by refunding their entire gate receipts for the meaningless forty-one games played at Madison Square Gardens ? I mean what the hell was that meant to be about given their record during the season ? Clearly, you’re looking for some redeeming quality about the franchise when there is absolutely nothing to found at all. Simple idiocy .

    Tophatal ….


  9. Let’s be soft on the Knicks because after-all their roster is made up of effeminate pu#sies . What else better way to describe a team that is simply worth a drop of canine fecal matter .


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