There’s A Price To Pay For Failure ……….. And It’s Always Steep

There’s A Price To Pay For Failure ……….. And It’s Always Steep

I’ve no doubt in my mind that by midway through this upcoming season within the NFL we will have had our first managerial casualty amongst the league’s coaches . And amongst those whom I expect to be on the “hot seat ” are the Bengals’ —— Marvin Lewis , the Jacksonville Jaguars —- Jack Del Rio , John Fox of the Carolina Panthers ,—– Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears , Eric Mangini of the Browns , Norv Turner of the San Diego Chargers and quite possibly Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders . And as we know dear old Al Davis tends to dispatch his coaches the way one tends to throw out the trash. Once things become overly messy or not one’s liking that seems to be the best maneuver possible.


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What each of these coaches in question has in common is the very fact that their teams have failed miserably under their tenure . And given that the league has become more about ……”what have you done for me lately rather than what you did in the past” ? It is pretty much safe to say that the owners , their board members and in particular the fans won’t be happy if their teams aren’t winning but the coach and his coaching staff still remains in place. Granted, excuses can be made where there are unforeseen circumstances but yet far too often many of these excuses are needlessly being made merely from the fact that the coach in question simply hasn’t the talent to get the best out of their players. And to me nowhere has this been more apparent that the case of the Jaguars’ Jack Del Rio.

Del Rio and the Jaguars as a team over the past five years has seemingly been spinning their wheels within the AFC South while gaining no traction as the Indianapolis Colts have laid waste to the entire division and its occupants over that period of time. And for Jaguars’ owner Wayne Weaver and team GM Gene Smith seeing the team regress in the way that it has even with the apparent depth on the roster . They have to be now considering whether or not it is time to make a change. Certainly Del Rio and his coaching staff at this juncture have had more than enough time to make this team a competitive one . But it has become apparent that for whatever reason other than the early years of this franchise the taste of success seems to have bypassed the organization . And this has to point to the tenure of the incumbent coach and his staff.

A case could be me made that with the drafting of Peyton Manning by the Indianapolis Colts the inevitable was bound to happen as the Colts rose amongst the ranks of the also rans to become a perennial contender within the NFL . And they remain a constant reminder to Del Rio of the excellence that his team has to strive for. It could be said that over the years the real problems stemming from the ineptitude shown by the Jaguars was their assesment of talent drafted and the fact that they could never find consistency from those players. A case can be made that once Mark Brunell became dispensable the team went on a downward spiral as they would release several players over the ensuing years whom they felt weren’t playing up to par. And even with an apparent heir apparent in Byron Leftwich the inconsistency remained within the personnel and its play.

Now as the 2010-11 season beckons and with a draft class with which some would admit has been one of their better draft classes of recent years, a great deal is expected of this team. The team’s needs were on both sides of the ball and if anything the defense and the lack of a real passing game was one of the main reasons for the team’s failings last season. Seasoned veteran David Garrard has been entrusted as the team’s quarterback and with the constant deep running threat of Maurice Jones-Drew it’s hoped that on the offensive side of the ball the team can show some presence of being a potent offensive power.

Statistically there’s a great deal that the team has to do in order to improve its status if they’re to be considered one of one of the consistent teams within the NFL that will pose a threat to the other teams not just within their division but across the league as a whole . Leadership will no doubt come from the likes of Jones-Drew, Garrard , Rashean Mathis , Aaron Kampman and others who’ve seen regular playing time for Jaguars. But much of the team’s success this season will be predicated upon the play of Garrard as the team’s signal caller and that of Del Rio’s coaching and the communication between his coaching staff and the players. If there’s any failure at all there then you can rest assured that this team will not be able to have anything deemed as being thought of as a successful season. And by that, I mean not just a winning record but a playoff berth as well . Anything short of that and this season would be considered an abysmal faiure which would most certainly lead to the departure of Del Rio.

And while the AFC South might not be viewed as one of the glamour divisions within the the league. Teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts , Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans are all striving towards the same goal. And that is to garner a playoff spot with an eye on winning the Superbowl itself. Cowboys Stadium could well see one this quartet of teams gain a berth there in Superbowl XLV (SB 45). But from my perspective I doubt that it will be the Jacksonville Jaguars ! And if anything at the end of the day we’re liable to see the departure of Del Rio from this team as its coach. Certainly he has been around long enough but it has become abundantly clear to this observer that he’s longer the man for the job ! The question is , will Wayne Weaver fire him midseason if they’re off to a horrendous start or will he leave it utilmately to the culmination of the season to make the decision that some feel should’ve taken place long ago ?



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What thoughts if any do you have on the upcoming NFL season and how the coaches might fare ? By all means do leave comments concerning your thoughts on the topics that’ve been raised in this piece .

Alan aka tophatal …………………. 🙂


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8 Responses to There’s A Price To Pay For Failure ……….. And It’s Always Steep

  1. chappy81 says:

    I’ll put my money on Lovie getting the axe first. Their division is too tough for them to do good, plus they aren’t very good…

    I think your right though, the AFC South is a lot stronger than people give it credit for. Do you think the Texans make the playoffs for the first time? I kinda think they do…


    • tophatal says:


      A couple of seasons ago there were three teams within the division with winning records and they all looked good. The Colts as we know are perennial contenders within the AFC South and within the NFL as a whole. Fisher and the Titans can blow hot and cold from one year to the next. As for the Texans I just don’t know what to make of the team or Kubiak for that matter ! Del Rio should’ve been fired long ago by Wayne Weaver as well the entire assistant coaching staff .

      One more season of Del Rio is liable to kill off what existing fanbase there is there in Jacksonville . And then most definitely Weaver would have to move the team out of state and to perhaps California ?

      Krisztina  Sereny

      Krisztina Sereny ….. power lifter and Playboy Playmate . I’ve got something in mind that she could lift and place in between her labia lips as well as her mouth !


      tophatal ……… 🙂


    • tophatal says:


      If Kubiak can’t coach this team into the postseason this year then he ought to be fired. I can’t see Andre Johnson wanting to remain there and see his talent being wasted ! As for Matt Schaub now is the time for him to put up or shut up or else .


      tophatal ……….. 🙂


  2. tophatal says:

    The coaches I’ve stated within the piece are the ones I believe to be on a tight leash and who could very well end up losing their jobs by season’s end.

    Trump gets fired up what’d happen were he the owner of an NFL team today ?

    Do you feel that I may have missed anyone out from that list ? If so …… who ?

    tophatal ………. 🙂


  3. aero says:

    I think that Del Rio will be the first to go.
    There is no way that Jacksonville can compete in that division on their present course.
    That pic of Krisztina really got the blood pumping this morning, thanks bro. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


    • tophatal says:


      Wayne Weaver cannot go on making excuses for Del Rio and a rather mediocre coaching staff . He’s had his chances and at the same time the quarterback play on the team has been monstrously bad since Brunell departed from the team. Leftwich and Garrard are at best no better than your average backup quarterback and that’s not what is needed by this team . They need someone with authority , leadership skills and most definitely someone who can play the position with great depth. Garrard is going to sruggle this season . And when he does then this team will plummet fast than a meteorite heading down from outer space !


      I wonder if she can wax my balls like that ?

      As for the pic of Krizstina and the blood pumping . Let’s hope it’s going to head and not “the head” that’s attached to your lower extremities ? I’d hate for you to go and surprise the wife unexpectedly like that ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Back that ass up !

      Krizstina  Sereny

      And that’s a ta-ta from Krizstina .

      🙂 —————- 🙂
      Have a great Labor Day Weekend and my regards to the immediate family and friends !


      tophatal …………… 🙂


  4. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Morris on your list, man.

    Last year, he got a pass but I think another 3-13 season might signal he’s not our guy.


    • tophatal says:

      Chris Humpherys

      The Glazers aren’t going to let go of Rah’ just yet not when they’re paying him a pittance as a salary. The guy is earning less than $3 million a year. Tell me where are they going to get a coach who’s prepared to accept that as a salary within the NFL ? Come on now wise up man ! Isn’t enough of a problem to know that they’ve been penny pinching and scraping while still fleecing the fans there in Tampa ? And those numb nuts of Pewter Report still continue to their continued support by continually licking their ass as if it’s either honey or manner falling from heaven. Isn’t there anyone there who has a sense of intelligence much less who’s prepared to question the Buc’s off the field business dealings and decisions ?

      And there’s no college coach who’d leave their ranks to step up to the NFL for anything less than $3 million a year in today’s economic climate . Not unless they’re insane that is .

      Amber Heard

      Amber Heard ……..

      tophatal ….. 🙂


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