How Long Before You Realized The Gig Was Up But You Still Tried To Defend The Indefensible ?

How Long Before You Realized The Gig Was Up But You Still Tried To Defend The Indefensible ?

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some people will go to show their complete stupidity . I’d read an article wherein the writer had stated the facts as they were known surrounding the impending sanctions that were about to be placed upon the University of Southern California . A patron who obviously has an allegiance to the school having been a graduate there, went so far as to claim that there was nothing that the athletics program was guilty of.

Well here are one or two of the facts as we know them to be . One , O J Mayo , a former player on the Trojans’ basketball team was paid a sum of $1500-00 by the team’s former coach Tim Floyd . The coach at the time said that he was unaware what he’d done ran afoul of any rule by the NCAA much less the school itself. Either Floyd is a liar or he’s a complete buffoon who shouldn’t at all be entrusted to be a faculty member at an esteemed university , much less be coaching basketball at any level. Furthermore, upon his abrupt departure from the school he admitted no wrongdoing on his part but was more reluctant to speak with anyone from the NCAA Infractions Committee . If that’s not in some way an admission of wrongdoing on Floyd’s part. Then pray do tell what is? Either the students being turned out at USC aren’t all that bright to begin with or this one patron is unable to wrap his head around the reality that the program at USC is indeed a “dirty one” .


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Now in the case of Reggie Bush there are a multitude of sins which once again this patron was unwilling to admit went on concerning the Heisman Trophy winner. He was in fact in contact with an associate who in essence had been a facilitator on the player’s behalf in the most extraordinary of ways. Bush was meant to be this individual’s meal ticket with him acting as the player’s prospective agent. Given the fact that an athlete cannot be in contact with an agent or anyone purporting to be a representative or presenting themselves as merely an intermediary is strictly forbidden according to the rules of the NCAA. Bush for his part denies any wrongdoing on his part given the relationship with a subordinate of New Era Marketing, a sports representative and marketing agency . The perception was there and most certainly the facts bear this out that there was a relationship between Bush and this group. The fact that certain members of Trojans’ athletic department and Pete Carroll’s coaching staff was aware of the situation only gives further credence to the fact that the powers that be amongst the coaches and athletics department just didn’t give a damn concerning the NCAA ‘s rules .

The athletics program of the college is littered with a great many violations that given the fact it’s impossible to understand why it has taken this long for the NCAA to act. Furthermore, it certainly doesn’t look as if Mike Garrett the university’s Athletic Director really cared what was happening, just as long as the results kept on coming. When there’s repeated success then that means money for the school from its many various revenue streams and that doesn’t include boosters or alumni. For university President Steven Sample a decision has to be made. Do they fight to clear their name or do they accept the punishment meted out by the NCAA ? But I think more to the point would be can Mike Garrett hold on to his position as the school’s Athletic Director ? Some fingers have to be pointed at him and his immediate staff and their complete lack of action and candor concerning this matter. Anyone who feels that he isn’t in some way responsible for this mess had better get off the crack pipe !

Collegiate athletics is a multi billion dollar gravy train that affords in the midst of it all a certain lifestyle and numerous luxuries . Unfortunately someone either forgot to tell the athletes that they’re not entitled to profit from this all financially in any way whatsoever. And when the waters become murkier then you can be sure that in some way those who are meant to be the eyes and ears in making sure that the rules are adhered to, got involved in the mess that came about USC. You can be sure that the infractions that took place are some of the most egregious possible. None compliance and those who are meant to make sure that these policies are strictly adhered to, fall under Garrett’s jurisdiction. And for Mike Garrett winning at any cost meant that whatever rules were being broken justified the means and the ends , just as long as he and the university profited from this all immeasurably. And that most certainly has been what has taken place.

To what degree, as to the benefits for USC, absolutely no one can be exactly certain. But by the mere severity of the punishment meted out, it was enough to send a shot across the bow of collegiate athletics and in particular across the bow of USC . The idiotic thing is , was that USC had originally wanted to impose its own sanctions for their very own transgressions. That’s akin to having a felon call the shots as to his sentencing upon the conclusion of a guilty verdict. “I’ll take two years judge, to be served in my home for the rape of a the fifteen year old victim your honor “ . This is what had been proposed by Garrett and the faculty of USC. Now this is why you can definitely see that the university just didn’t give a damn by requesting such a proposal. It wasn’t really their wish to be at all held accountable for their actions.

Now with both Carroll and Floyd having already departed from the college for greener pastures for positions that places them out of the glare of public opinion. The mess that in some respects hey both presided over leaves their legacy somewhat tarnished and has done immeasurable damage to the school’s reputation. Does anyone really believe however that the university will be hurt by this all? In reality the financial gains attained simply has made the endeavor worth it for USC. To my mind however, if the NCAA had really wanted to send a message then they ought to have also imposed a monetary fine upon the school. But not wanting to set a precedent really shows how soft the governing body of collegiate athletics really is ! Simply put, they’ve not the stomach to do such a thing to one of their favorites and at the same time they’re also the lap dogs to the numerous powerhouses within collegiate athletics ! Doubt my word , then simply look at their actions over the years and the degree of alleged severity in terms of the sanctions imposed on a number of schools ? The NCAA merely chooses the battles they want to win in order to create the perception that their reputation is above reproach . Reality tells us otherwise , in terms of their conduct when it comes to their business dealings. The secrecy involved in their conduct would make Opus Dei or a Swiss bank seem all the more transparent.



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Now comes the hard part for the fans of USC and in particular the broadcast networks who cover collegiate athletics and in particular college football. How much of a dent will it make in the pockets of the networks ? And how will the fans themselves seek to address what has gone on and the verdict rendered by the NCAA ? Well the patron who felt aggrieved by this all must still believe in fairy tales. And for the networks, their only hope that should an appeal be lodged by USC , then they will hope that the NCAA shows some mercy. After all, both the networks and the NCAA have profited greatly from their business dealings over the years that their relationship is even seedier than that of the relationship between a pimp and his whores working the streets. The NCAA has become the broadcast networks’ bitch for all sense and purpose and they love that fact .

NB: Should you at all be interested then by all means do read this precursor piece entitled “Who’s Kidding Whom Here? The NCAA Kisses Ass Just Like a Politician Loves Kissing Babies It Makes ‘em Look Good !” In order to view just click on the link provided and by all means feel free to leave a comment concerning your own thoughts on the issue. And as always thanks for the continued support . It’s certainly most welcomed !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………….

Diddy …………….”Dirty Money -Angels”


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9 Responses to How Long Before You Realized The Gig Was Up But You Still Tried To Defend The Indefensible ?

  1. tophatal says:

    NCAA has no stones because the punishment meted out here doesn’t fit the crime. It won’t be much of a deterrent to others at all.

    If they really wanted to come down hard then why not also punish USC with a financial penalty as well besides the sanctions ? As it is the university has made out like a thief in the night monetarily !



    • I think the reason they don’t do that is if they punish them financially, they would be punishing an education institution and that wouldn’t be fair to students not receiving cars and money and prostitutes, since they are science and English majors.

      And plus Alan, if they did that, wouldn’t that be like the NCAA would almost be admitting that they are aware most schools do this and that this would be the penalty (legal precedent) for the schools that actually get CAUGHT.


      P.S. Don’t get me wrong, what USC gets away with is preposterous. Just makes you wonder how long it’s been going on for.


      • tophatal says:

        Ravenation LLC

        How is punishing the institution financially hurting it when the institution itself has profited greatly, financially , from the cheating ? Are you friggin’ kidding me ? USC made fuck_ng millions of dollars from this and you’re coming up with that as a lame ass excuse ?

        Mike Garrett and Pete Carroll have got off “Scott free “ while people suffering are the kids who were turned down so the likes assholes like Bush and Mayo could attend the school on a scholarship while much more needier students were no doubt turned away .


        Alan aka tophatal ……………..


  2. al clements says:

    Ahh….USC deserves more than this slap on the wrist, but… It won’t happen cause they are like the Golden Goose. Now iffen it was another school…..


    • tophatal says:

      al clements

      In the time that Carroll has been coach and undue success that USC has had they’ve made countless millions. Were this a public company there’d have been a civil suit lodged against the university .And they would be sued with impunity with the plaintiffs looking to recoup the millions that were lost.

      The NCAA is a lilly livered organization from start to finish !



    • I agree with that.

      Unless that other school was Notre Dame. THEY are the golden goose.

      If they aren’t the golden goose how the FXXK do they keep getting these television contracts when their team is so bad?

      Perhaps there is more than one Golden Goose? there were Four golden girls.



      • tophatal says:

        Ravenation LLC

        In the case of Notre Dame that’s easy as Dick Ebersol the head of NBC/Universal Sports is a graduate of the school and one their most famous alumnus and boosters. However all of that may well change given the fact that the station lost over $400 million covering the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and that their programming has now become stale and vapid.

        That may well now change with cable provider Comcast set to take over the program outlet in October. I’d dare say that a number of those contracts may not be renewed and in some cases rescinded .

        As for USC they’ve only got themselves to blame as they sold their souls to the Devil and along the way they had the likes of Bush , Leinart and Mayo follow suit. Never mind from the fact that the likes of Carroll , __ Floyd and AD Mike Garrett profited greatly from this along with the school.

        Alan ………….


  3. I just pray Florida never gets busted for something this absurd.

    You’re right, Al. It sure took a helluva long time for the NCAA to bring about these sanctions.

    But as we’ve discussed, USC is the NCAA’s biggest cash cow so in essence, it’s only hurting itself by putting the school on probation.


    • tophatal says:

      Chris Humpherys

      The NCAA rakes in countless billions each year. If USC isn’t in their postseason events won’t hurt the NCAA in the slightest. It’s like taking away $1 billion from Bill Gates’ wealth and he pleads poverty. You know that’s a joke to begin with !



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